APMIS stands from Agile Project Management Information System is an Excel tool created by me, as a companion to the Time Tracking & Jira tools, tools that most software companies are using.

APMIS nicely combines the traditional project management practices with the scrum practices.

The data feeds:
> TimeSheet means any tool that i able to track the hours worrked by an individual on the project
> Jira it is a heavily used tool within the industry, that many software companies are using

By combining time booking data (from TimeSheet) with Jira data, a wide range or very useful reports can be obtained for the use of the Scum Master, of the Project and of the project stakeholders. A limited sample of reports can be found here:
> Integration Management: One Page Report;
> Communication Management: Weekly Reporting,
> Quality Management:Bug Report by Label, (needs to be simplified)
> Risk Management: Risk Matrix, Risk Register,
> Human Resouce Management: Organization Chart, Stakeholder Register, Capacity Track

> the basic version of the tool will be available free of costs. Check the license statement here. To use the tool please pre-register here
> the pricing for "advanced version" is still to be defined.  :-)  The advanced version have additional reporting capability, possibility to extract reports in XLS format (vs PDF in the basic version), integration with e-mail, possibility to save the reports directly in SharePoint, etc.

Useful stuff:
> the user manual (very simplistic at this time, sorry, but did not had time to make something more complex in the true spirit of agile) http://goo.gl/2ZTcZd
> the license document available here: http://goo.gl/aBky5q
> One presentation I made in Agile Talk #5 in Bucharest, on 15.04.2015 available here: http://goo.gl/ZDRb1y

Learn more:
If you want to hear more about this tool, or to download for your own use please contact me by e-mail