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In 2004 I've attended a very interesting five-days experimental workshop, aimed to improve our Leadership. That took place in Villars, a very remote village in Switzerland. I cannot tell more of what happened there. Would just mentioned that in the first day after the checking the all hotel staff (of a very remote hotel) simply disappeared and we (young leaders) had together a very interesting and self-organizing experience. That involved lot of emotions but also with lot of opportunities to discover our own leadership style and to build the so called "instinctive leadership".

In one of the "retro" sessions towards the end of the workshop, once we had really enough time to become friends and to really know each other profoundly, a colleague of my team told me that probably the most appealing characteristic of my leadership style (e.g. adding a lot of value for that leadership team) was linked with the "discontinuous ideas"  I brought on the table. That was one of the most profound insights and an eye-opening for me. Looking back (at that time, but even now) gets proven every team and project I've worked. From small business process changes (continuous improvements) to discontinuous innovations on business or organizational setups but also on society, innovation touching eventually (in good way, I dare to believe) tens or hundreds of even thousands of people.

Examples of such discontinuous innovations I would be happy to talk, if we would have the time: EasyBook, Bucharest Service Center, Colibri or ARPCC. Each started with a very discontinuous idea and eventually leaved a mark on lot of people.  See for example the Resolution 2079/2015 approved as a result of the lobby efforts of Colibri network or the Law 257/2013 where ARPCC contributed to 40 articles while 12 are solely created by APRCC. One single article "a parent cannot renounce to the parental authority" improved the life of about 15.000 children annually in Romania.