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Organization capability is a dear subject for me. More than just training. Because strong organizations can achieve outstanding results. I do training about subjects where I got real life-experience worth to be shared but more importantly, I think, is the fact that I am inclined towards creating training systems = creating meaningful learning opportunities for my organization.

Thus I try to find the best career opportunity for each individual trough job rotation, assignment changes (rather early), broadening assignments (outside or inside the country), internships and yes ... also formal training and even industry certifications.

As a philosophy, I do allow my people people to make mistakes. Adults learn a lot from their own mistakes. This helps creating the the instinctive leadership. As long as they learn of those mistakes they do not repeat it this is, I think, acceptable. In most cases no mistake is that "bad" that its effects cannot be reverted if I jump in order not to let things to broke. So, I try to build a culture where people are challenged to be creative, to assume risks and yes ... to learn out of their mistakes.

I offer my own advices when I am asked (and, I recognize that, I am more a "telling person" than a true "coach") but I do recognize the the power coaching and I often go for other people (who have time and passion for coaching) to coach some of my best talents. I stimulate seniors and other subject matters experts to share their experiences, I assign coaches and, not only once, I personally asked some key leaders in my organization (even above my hierarchical level) to act as mentors/sponsors for some of my key talents.

And that we spoke of the top talents, I learned that another great learning opportunity for them is to assign them responsibilities outside of their comfort area (e.g. delegating them some of my own responsibilities, with the aim to give them the experiences needed to grow to the next managerial level). I believe in promotion from within and this is the only way, really, we can grow people from within the organization, to prepare them to take assignments at the "next level".


Corporate Project Management (a.k.a proj. mgmt. for non project managers, 1 day)
Introduction in Project Management
(1,5 days)
Business Transformation Basics (2 days)
Agile Project Management Information Systems, AgyleTalks, 2015
Agile Estimation Workshop, 2014
CONFERENCES (organizer)

PM Symposium, 2007

iCASE, international Convention for Agile Software Development , 2015